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Just wanted to say that two of the meme fics are done. Starting on the Gei teddy bear fic next, so Yubs can stop bugging me any moment now. :P

And one last thing, that will probably only really be responded to by Yubs and Snippy, but that's okay.

RPG Character Meme )
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Comment with two words. The first can be any character or ship from one of my fandoms. The second can be any word you like - a place, an object, an adjective, a quote (OK, so a quote'll be more than one word), whatever you want. I'll then write you a fic based on those two words, be it a drabble or a novel length epic.

Fic Meme!

Jun. 21st, 2005 05:36 pm
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Stolen from some random journal while browsing friend's friends. And yes, my songs are weird. That will make it more fun.

Here are lines from the first 20 songs that pop up on my playlist. The challenge: write drabbles inspired by any line of your choice! :D

Song Lines )
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This is one of the funniest of the Episode III comics I've seen in a while. LMAO. Teh funny about Star Wars is everywhere!

Fic Writing Update:

So, I got 500 words on the fluff fic written last night.
Kaoru, of all people, got kind of introspective on me, but it's not too angsty. I can totally do this. Maybe.

Work Update:

So, they have finally fixed the door. Now the only problem is that the old door is kind of right in the middle of the dining room, and people keep trying to go in it. Also, the air conditioning works now, so I'll probably survive the summer, after all. :P
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Okay, and that update was getting kind of long and RL-y, so I decided to make another one for fandom stuff.

Fanfic Stuff [aka Tess Cannot Write Fluff )

Oh! And I should do that music meme that Hannah had.

Music Meme )

Oh, and because I saw it on [ profile] sunshine_queen’s LJ and it made me want to do it, too, that Alias seasons ranking thing.

Cut for Length )
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And here is my version of the 10 things meme, taken from [ profile] sunshine_queen:

Here's the deal. I'll write a list of ten things I'd love to see in a fic, from vague to specific. If you answer one of my requests, post it along with your own list, and I'll write you fic in return.

The List

1. Vaughn/Lauren. Pre-evil cuteness. If you write me their third date, I will love you forever.
2. Something fun with Syd and Nadia as sisters, where Syd isn't totally being a manipulative bitch.
3. Neiss. Because they are too cute to survive and HANNAH OWES ME NEISS, dammit. :P

Star Wars
4. PILOT FIC! Post-ROTJ, pre-NJO.
5. Something about Leia and Jaina's relationship as mother and daughter.

6. Angstleech/Stella snark. Pre-series slash.
7. Something cute about Hajime. Because he gets no love.

Harry Potter
8. The totally tragic and unrequited relationship that is Peeves/Marietta.
9. Something with Cho where she isn't a stereotypical angstbunny.

10. Catherine/Warrick. That is all.
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So, I finally finished that vignette thing for Snippy, which means I can post my own version of the first line meme! Unfortunately, I don't have nearly as many good lines, but oh well. :P

I`m going to post first lines from my assorted works of fiction. Your task is to take one and write a short drabble using the line as your first. Repost this in your journal, so I can do the same :D

Whose Line Is It, Anyway? )

So, yay!


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