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This is one of the funniest of the Episode III comics I've seen in a while. LMAO. Teh funny about Star Wars is everywhere!

Fic Writing Update:

So, I got 500 words on the fluff fic written last night.
Kaoru, of all people, got kind of introspective on me, but it's not too angsty. I can totally do this. Maybe.

Work Update:

So, they have finally fixed the door. Now the only problem is that the old door is kind of right in the middle of the dining room, and people keep trying to go in it. Also, the air conditioning works now, so I'll probably survive the summer, after all. :P
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Okay, so it’s been a million years since I posted anything in this journal, so I’m going to try and get everything done at once without being too boring or rambly. I really mean to keep the journal up to date this time, even though I never really do anything.

School and Work Stuff )

I’m using all this free time to mess around with Photoshop for the House Cup (which has just started again) and, of course, the force that drives my social life: friend drama. Yes, Tessie’s life is currently dominated by friend drama once again, and this is the bad bad kind.

Big Rant )

Oh, and [ profile] yubsie, on a totally random note, because I suck at making entries flow from one topic to another, my family’s talking about their trip to Halifax again, though it won’t be for a while because Mom is still teaching right now. But they’ve definitely agreed to take me to visit you when they go. So as long as nothing drastic happens between now and then, we might actually end up being able to make the universe implode and meet.
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Life's been pretty busy lately. The one sucky thing about being an arts student is papers. Especially boring history papers about nineteenth century newspaper articles. Which, by the way, I really should be typing now, but I'm going to work on a fic instead, because the Mail is burning my brain out with its sheer dullness.

I've also been working quite a bit. Finally got some tables on Sunday, which means tips, so yay. I got a mean, mean table who bitched at me about how the small milk was too big, and the nine inch pizza was too small. Dude. It was NINE INCHES. He should have known when he ordered the damn thing. :P I also had three high teenagers with the munchies show up and eat a whole party pizza and two pitchers of Pepsi in less than fifteen minutes. :P They were amazingly polite, I was really surprised. The rest of them were pretty normal, which was lucky. Apparently I did a really good job, which means I have to get to do it again this coming Sunday. Yay.

I'm so incredibly boring, I have nothing else to say. Blah.
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So, yeah. I'm boring and all that jazz.

Worked eight hours at the pizza place, and burnt my hand on the oven. I'm still whining about it, even though it doesn't really hurt anymore. It was really dead, so I mostly wiped pizza pans to get the gross grease off. Long and boring and menial, but it did give me time to try and resolve a strange plot hole that's popped up in Massive Acronym.

[ profile] thepodsquad is finally working on her fic after multiple beatings and threats and bribes of badfic, so woohoo.

The JC House Cup is over now, we got the final update in last night. It looks like it's going to be really close, and here's hoping that Ravenclaw can reclaim the Cup with our demented fanon and abuse of the word "any".

I miss [ profile] sunshine_queen. Come home!


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