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Gakked from [ profile] sunshine_queen

Pick your 12 characters before answering the questions!

1) Angua von Uberwald
2) Sandman!Death
3) Nymphadora Tonks
4) Sam Spade
5) Mawata Awayuki
6) Irina Derevko
7) Arvin Sloane
8) Kei
9) Martin Fitzgerald
10) Harry Potter
11) Luke Skywalker
12) Discworld!Death

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gakked from [ profile] miana_dude

The Meme - WITHOUT LOOKING PAST THIS FIRST LIST, choose 12 characters from fandoms you know and love.


1. Princess Leia
2. Jack Bristow
3. Yayoi
4. Nobby
5. Luna Lovegood
6. Wes Janson
7. Sam Spade
8. Remus Lupin
9. The Sorting Hat
10. Luke Skywalker
11. Lauren Reed
12. Harry Potter

Now answer the following questions about these characters.

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And here is my version of the 10 things meme, taken from [ profile] sunshine_queen:

Here's the deal. I'll write a list of ten things I'd love to see in a fic, from vague to specific. If you answer one of my requests, post it along with your own list, and I'll write you fic in return.

The List

1. Vaughn/Lauren. Pre-evil cuteness. If you write me their third date, I will love you forever.
2. Something fun with Syd and Nadia as sisters, where Syd isn't totally being a manipulative bitch.
3. Neiss. Because they are too cute to survive and HANNAH OWES ME NEISS, dammit. :P

Star Wars
4. PILOT FIC! Post-ROTJ, pre-NJO.
5. Something about Leia and Jaina's relationship as mother and daughter.

6. Angstleech/Stella snark. Pre-series slash.
7. Something cute about Hajime. Because he gets no love.

Harry Potter
8. The totally tragic and unrequited relationship that is Peeves/Marietta.
9. Something with Cho where she isn't a stereotypical angstbunny.

10. Catherine/Warrick. That is all.
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Okay, so I should be sleeping, but instead I did the ship meme. I'd call them drabbles, but they're really really not. Heh.

I am the iceberg in the ocean of shippiness! )


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