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Han Solo Would Cry At This Plotline


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42, acting, adventure games, alias, alpha centauri, ancient egypt, angst, anthropology, bad fanfic, badfic, baldurs gate, books, british humour, broadway, bruce coville, canada, cats, celestina warbeck, crime novels, csi, dancing, david eddings, david weber, discworld, doom, douglas adams, fallout, fan fiction, fandom wank, fanfiction, fantasy, folk music, games, geekiness, giant-squiddese, grim fandango, han/leia, harry potter, hating sodexho, history, homestar runner, honor harrington, house elf, hufflepuff, icon making, icons, iharthdarth, indiana jones, insane ravenclaw fanon, interactive fiction, inventing languages, isaac asimov, jack/irina, king's quest, laughing, lauren/vaughn, legible text on icons, lol, loom, lord of the rings, lucas arts, lucasarts, lucasarts games, luna lovegood, mageworlds, mary sues, modern dance, monkey island, monty python, morbid fascination, musical theatre, musicals, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, nerdy stuff, neville longbottom, neville/hermione, nicknames, paranormal, parodies, pastede on yay, patricia c wrede, peeves/marietta, peeves/sorting hat, percy weasley, percy/marietta, photoshop, pimp luke, pretear, privets, quest for glory, rambaldi, random music, ravenclaw, reading, rita mae brown, roleplaying, ron/hermione, rpg, salazar/rowena, sarcasm, scaristina, science fiction, science-fiction, scruffy looking nerf herders, shannara, singing, sloane/emily, sloshed stus, space, space quest, star wars, sweiss, swill, syberia, syd/weiss, syd/will, teh, terry brooks, terry pratchett, the beatles, the dig, the longest journey, trogdor the burninator, university, vaughn/irina, wes/dia, wes/shalla, without a trace, world domination, writing, x-files, x-wing, x-wing novels, zork
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