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Title: She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not
Fandom: Star Wars
Disclaimer: I don't own SW, it belongs to George Lucas.
For some NJO book I've never read
Pairings: Kyp/Inyri
Summary: Kyp falls head over heels
Rating: G

 She'd slapped him.

He couldn't believe it. Well, he supposed, she'd had good reason, considering, but that type of response hadn't even occurred to him. When he'd planned it out in his mind, they'd all thought he was brave, and applauded, lifting him onto their shoulders. There were Vong dead, and a Republic victory, so what was a little deception?

But Jaina Solo hadn't seen it that way. And neither had Wedge Antilles. He was in a lot of trouble, he could tell. Things never really worked out the way he had planned. No one thought he was brave at all. He strode briskly, purposefully down the corridor of the Ralroost with the images of a beautiful, angry girl dancing in his mind, telling him that she wished him dead. Stupid Kyp, he told himself harshly, You can never be a hero. Just Kyp Durron, mass murderer, for ever and ever and ever and -

He was jarred out of his reverie by a loud roaring sound. What the kriff? Kyp had walked on autopilot down to the hangar bay where the X-wings were housed. Working on his ship always helped to calm his nerves. But when he'd opened the door, the roaring had started, slamming against him like waves on the ocean. He looked around, and saw people looking at him. Oh great, were they going to lynch him, right there in the hangar bay? He looked warily at the crowd, wondering if he could outrun them to an escape pod or something, when he realized they were smiling. They were cheering. For him.

Before he had time to absorb that latest tidbit, he was surrounded by pilots, all laughing, talking and congratulating one another on a victory against the evil Yuuzhan Vong. So maybe it wasn't a superweapon, but anything to hurt the beings who had hurt their galaxy so badly, killed their friends, their families. He could feel the jubilation of the crowd around him, and it was making him dizzy.

"Thanks... but ..." he muttered faintly, as a woman's face broke free of the crowd and approached him. At first he thought she was Jaina, but Jaina was off somewhere throwing a temper tantrum of goddessly porportions at the moment. The woman smiled at him, warm brown eyes shining. "Good job out there, Durron," she said, and then disappeared into the crowd again.

All thoughts of Jaina, Wedge, trouble and even Vong flew from his mind. Stars, that woman was beautiful, even with her hair flying out of her ponytail, sticking every which way after she removed her helmet. She was obviously a Rogue, he'd know if a woman with those looks, that voice was in his squadron. And she thought he was a hero. "Good job out there, Durron," she'd said. Kyp walked over to his X-wing, smiling. Jaina might think he was an evil brutal man, but this woman at least thought he was important.

He took the toolbox out of the compartment in the cockpit of his X-wing, digging for the hydrospanner. It looked like there might be some loose parts on the hull, that would never do ...


Several hours later, covered in grease and grime but feeling invigorated, Kyp Durron put the toolbox back in its compartment. Most of the other pilots had left, gone off somewhere to drink or sleep, leaving the rest of the work to the mechanics or droids. Kyp didn't like the idea of anyone else touching his X-wing. Skywalker's X-wing had been sabotaged enough times to make him wary. Enough people had reason to hate him. Even more now, he supposed in a detatched manner.

He started to leave, looking around to see what other pilots had stayed. He'd be sure to praise all the members of the Dozen who did. It showed their dedication and -

There she was again. That beautiful, brown haired woman was there, working on her X-wing. She had her back to him, standing on the ladder and leaning in to her X-wing, putting her own toolkit away. Before he could lose his nerve, he walked up to the woman, determined to learn her name, at least. She turned as he approached.

"Hello, Durron."

"Hi, um ... " He looked embarassed. All of his suave lines evaporated the second their eyes met.

"Forge. Inyri Forge. We haven't been introduced." She extended her hand, and Kyp shook it weakly, trying to rearrange what he was about to say in his mind so that it made sense.

Inyri. His heart leapt at the sound of it. Even her name was beautiful. Kyp felt like a lovesick teenager.

"Inyri ... Would you ... How about I take you to dinner?" he said, suddenly, impulsively.

He could tell by the way her face closed in on itself that he'd just said something really stupid. The open palm that struck his face a split second later only served to reinforce that point.

"You ... you ..." she sputtered angrily, "You stupid nerf!" Turning on her heel, she stormed out of the hangar, leaving Kyp alone amid the X-wings with an aching jaw.

She'd slapped him.

I think she likes me.
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