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Yay, finished that super old characters meme!

4 [Draco], 11 [Carrot] and 8 [Mannen] are in a love triangle together. Which way to affections run? How does the ultimate confrontation go? Would an OT3 solve this mess?

Hm, let's see. Draco and Mannen both love Carrot, but Carrot is completely oblivious to all of it. Draco and Mannen would probably end up destroying each other with their magical powers, and Carrot would arrest the ashes. An OT3 would definitely not be the way to go, poor Carrot.

6 [Cho] needs a kidney transplant. Who would be more likely to donate one, 13 [Sara] or 15 [Peeves]?

Well, Peeves is in her universe, but unfortunately has no body, so I'd have to say Sara. :-p

If 9 [Grissom] had kids, would they sing lullabies to them? Would they sing to them in a foreign language?

Hm, I don't think Grissom would sing. He'd probably read to them out of entomology textbooks.

8 [Mannen] signs a record deal. Are they going to become famous? Can they really sing?

Mannen seems to be popular with the fangirls, so I'd say that he would become famous and have a lot of groupies, but I'm not so sure about his actual singing ability.

A crazy 15th century Italian prophet writes a prophecy about 2 [ Nadia]. Are they more likely to procreate or kill 1 [ Angua]? Is 3 [Sam Spade] a follower of the the prophet?

Nadia would probably be more likely to have a kid than to travel to another dimension and kill a cop. Though I suppose that sort of thing could have happened in her wild youth. :-p Sam doesn't seem crazy enough to be a Rambaldi follower, so I'd say no.

If 5 [Luna] was in a dance competition, who would they choose as their partner, 4 [Draco] or 12 [Wash]? Would they win?

Luna would choose Wash as her partner. He's funny and not cruel like Draco probably would be. I don't think they'd win, but they'd definitely have the most fun. :-p

11 [Carrot] and 10 [Zoe] are at a holiday dinner. Who sits at the head of the table?

Zoe. Carrot is polite enough to allow it without a fight.

7 [Sloane] and 14 [Nobby] are on the lam. Who would blend in easier? Who would panic more? How long would they be able to stay hidden? Who would catch them?

Sloane would blend in easier because he's less freaky-looking than Nobby. Nobby would probably also panic more, as I don't know if Sloane really knows how to panic. They could probably stay hidden for a long time, with Sloane being a spy forever and Nobby being a cop, but eventually Vimes would catch them.

Is 4 [Draco] a math-science person, or an English-history person?

Draco is an English-history person, because he is all about his own family history.

Is 9 [Grissom] a low-maintenance or high-maintenance person, or one of the worst kind--the kind that's high-maintenance but thinks s/he's low-maintenace?

Grissom is fairly low-maintenance once you can finally convince him to date you.

Who would 7 [Sloane] rather has a sibling, 1 [ Angua] or 15 [Peeves]?

Hm, Angua. Sloane doesn't seem too fond of ghosts who taunt people.

If you had to be trapped in a closet for one day with either 13 [Sara] or 8 [Mannen], which one would you pick?

Wow, that's a hard choice. I'd say Mannen, I guess, since he could like, teleport us out, or use his magic to break down the door. Sara would probably just mope.

What kind of pizza does 5 [Luna] enjoy?

Shrimp with pineapple.

Does 14 [Nobby] like chocolate or vanilla better?

Chocolate, I guess.

2 [ Nadia], 11 [Carrot], and 1 [ Angua] -- ultimate OT3, or ultimate disaster?

Ultimate disaster! Carrot/Angua is the OTP, and I don't think Angua would appreciate some skinny bitch encroaching on her territory. :-p

If 5 [Luna] had a favourite band, what would it be?

Celestina Warbeck, I guess, with all the morphing. Or Lemon Demon - quirky and fun.

If 10 [Zoe] had an AIM screenname what would it be?

*dies* Oh, man. Probably something simple like ZoeW. She wouldn't be into all the crazy ~*~ things or a million x's and underscores. :-p

If held at gun point would 2 [ Nadia] rather sleep with 8 [Mannen] or 15 [Peeves]?

Well, as Mannen is underage, I guess I'd say Peeves. Poltergeists can permeate. Also, now that Nadia's an annoying ghost as well, they have a sotr of kinship. :-p

Would 7 [Sloane] ever play a sport?

Does "being evil" count as a sport? Maybe shot put. He was pretty good at putting Nadia into that table. :-p

3 [Sam Spade], 4 [Draco], 12 [Wash] and 14 [Nobby] are in an elevator that shuts down between floors, how do they each react?

Sam is all business and calls for help. She can appear calm because she's FBI. Wash probably freaks out. Nobby lights a cigar. Draco gets annoyed and AKs all of them.

Also, because all the cool kids are doing it - the fanfic meme!

Pick one of my stories (at [profile] skilletwrites - you can ask for a nonfinished one if you want) and I'll do a commentary for it. Go ahead, ask for more than one! I've got all the time in the world! Tell your friends!
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