May. 19th, 2006 12:11 pm
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Okay, so. Here I am, but I don't know how much I'm going to be online for the next, like, ever. There was a (very brief) power outage last night around midnight, and when the power came back on, I think there must have been a power surge that fried the insides of my poor computer. I can turn it on, but it doesn't go beyond the "Scanning for IDE drives..." part of the startup thing. Running setup doesn't work, nor does attempting to start in safe mode, so I think something important is missing/gone.

As most of you know, I'm looking for work right now and don't have much money, so I can't really afford to have it repaired myself. So unless my parents (who generally hate how much time I spend online and are constantly bitching about it - I think Mom might actually do a happy dance when I tell her the damn thing's broken :-P ) are wiling to pay for it, it might be a couple of months before I'm up and running again. Even if they do, it might be two or three weeks, I haven't really looked into repair times yet since I know I can't pay for it.

Right now, I'm on my dad's computer, because he's not home during the week. But, he is coming home tonight. Another problem with this computer is that it's in the room next to my parents' bedroom, and they go to bed super early. So I don't know how late I'll be able to stay online, if I'm allowed on up here.

So Sunny, I might not see you again for a while, happy graduation and try not to cry or kill Puggy when Alias ends. :-P

Puggy: just try not to cry when Alias ends. :-P I'll get to you with an HAEHAJUDJXHG sort of angry email about plotlines at some point. :-P (BECAUSE DIXON IS A FIELD AGENT AND A SINGLE PARENT, DAMMIT :-P )

All HC people reading this: I'll try my best, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to get any more tasks done, because I don't know how often I'll be here. Yubs or Mi: Would one of you let the board know? even though you two are the only ones really doing tass anyway. :-P I don't remember the address and my bookmarks aren't on this computer.

Yubs: I lost the ship meme. :-P
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